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Community Engaged Learning Project

Hey everyone!

We're bringing you news about what we, Rebecca, Lorcan, and Fathima, have been up to in regards to the Pollinator Pathway Project.

We are a group of western university students working through a Community Engaged Learning Program (CEL) to get involved with our local community. We chose to work with the Pollinator Pathway Project (P3) an organization dedicated to improving the city's pollinator corridors to connect meadows and other habitats throughout London via garden stepping stones. It's been a wonderful experience.

The P3 organization requested we make an information poster for their pollinator gardens at both the London Brewing Co-operative and Kensington Village, along with plant identification markers. We quickly met with one of their organization members, Lori who is a horticulture expert. She took us to the Kensington Village pollinator garden where she gave us a tour of all the plants that have been added to the garden.

They have many flowering plants both native and non-native to attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees. She also took us around to the Food Forest Garden in Kensington Village and a few of the private personal gardens that citizens have started to help with London’s pollinator pathway. It’s amazing how many are getting involved!

One of our members also met with the P3 committee at one of their meetings, it was very interesting and inspiring to know how seriously the organization is taking the issue to promote pollinator gardens. Our group from Western ended up making a poster that included what a pollinator pathway is, some locations that can be found in London, and tips for starting a pollinator garden, among other things! We had another meeting with the committee, which our whole group was able attend. There we made the plant id markers along with the committee.

Prior to this meeting we researched both the common and scientific names from the plant list we had made while out with Lori. We had a great time working with everyone and encourage anyone who has the time and inclination to start a pollinator garden and get involved! Also, go check out the gardens around London! Happy gardening!



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