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Phase 2 Now Underway!

In 2023, Pollinator Pathways Project will begin an initiative to install free pollinator gardens for homes, businesses, and institutions along the Central London Pathway, expanding on our 2022 Dundas Street Pathway project. This project is being made possible by a donation from Lush Cosmetics.

The 13 Central London (Ontario) communities in the Dundas Street Corridor that we are targeting are: 

Blackfriars, Carling Heights, Downtown, Hamilton Road, Kensington Village, Midtown, North Talbot, OEV, Piccadilly, Riverforks, SoHo, The Smokestack District, and Woodfield

Have you seen small wooden planters in front of businesses and services along Dundas St? These planters are part of the Dundas Pollinator Pathway!

We distributed these planters in May of 2022 with diverse combinations of geranium, evening primrose, coreopsis, columbine, beardtongue, and monarda. Individual businesses and services may have decided to change up the planter contents, adding new plants as well. So get outside and discover our planters. Click here to see where they're located.

Our Vision For Central London


Our project started on Dundas Street and has since spread to include 13 communities in Central London! In Phase 1, we collaborated with businesses, schools, and other organizations along Dundas Street to install permanent native plant gardens and planters on their property. By adding pollinator-friendly vegetation to London's downtown core, we are building a corridor for these species to navigate the most densely urbanized area of the city. Our downtown focus for this project also helps us reach a large audience to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators.

To date, we have planted permanent gardens located at Museum London, the Western Fair, Covent Garden Market, and the London Central Library. We have also distributed 40 small pollinator planters to our partnering businesses and services. We are currently aiming to create additional permanent gardens at H.B. Beal Secondary School, Catholic Central High School, and  St. Leonard’s Community Services.

Check out the map below to see where our gardens and planters are located.

Contributing Artists and Project Sponsors

We extend our deepest gratitude to the sponsors who supported our vision for a greener city, and to the artists who lent their talent and passion to create beautiful signage for our installations.

Project Sponsors


Wilson Family Foundation

Rick and Carol Richardson Family Fund

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