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Looking for a way to get involved with the Pollinator Pathways Project?

Connect with us by filling out the form below to volunteer with our organization. 

Volunteer Inquiries 




 We are looking for builders to help us with our pollinator gardens.  We are looking for experienced, and inexperienced alike.  We need help with building pollinator garden planter boxes.  We also have insect hotels to be made, these include bee, butterfly, and other insect homes.  Access to a woodworking shop of sorts is ideal.  

We are looking for a writer to join our community group,  someone who can contribute a blog article (300-500 words) once a month or a social media post once a week. As a writer, you need not have extensive experience with writing. Ideally, you should have some interest in environmental conservation and protection of wild species.

We are looking for volunteers to help keep our public gardens beautiful and pollinators happy by maintaining a good mix of pollinator plants and keeping the gardens tidy and watered. Gardener volunteers may help with weeding, watering, and planting. No experience necessary, we look forward to hearing from you!

Further questions about volunteering with Pollinator Pathways Project? Email us at 

Have a pollinator garden at home or looking to make one? 

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