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Earth Day is Everyday

{Article written by Daemon Dias}

Earth Day is Not an End, but a Means

Who do you think is the biggest philanthropist to exist? Oprah, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Pollinator Pathway Project volunteers? If we were to consider Earth as a person like me or you, then the answer to this question would always be Earth. For the sake of this blog let's call Earth “Mom”.

Everyday without sleep, Mom, works tirelessly to provide life for species to exist and enjoy their stay on the planet. Mom provides us with water, food, shelter, and the materials we need to live luxurious lives and read this blog. With a mother so kind and nurturing, surely, we wouldn’t want to hurt her. Yet, everyday, millions of us punch our mom in the gut by littering, polluting the oceans, and destroying the habitats of her children (animals). It does not make sense that we would torture a woman so kind and giving to us.

I’m sure that if I gave you a $100 everyday for the rest of your life, you wouldn’t think about doing any sort of harm to me. Yet, Mom gives us way more than any monetary value I could ever give to you, but because of our entitlement, we continue to lash her. Awareness of unjust torture has alleviated mom of some injury, specifically on April 22 of every year, otherwise known as Earth Day. Unfortunately, after this day, most of are cursed by our addiction to habits and routine and go back to damaging our mother.

So, what can we do to help protect our mother from being hurt by others and ourselves?

The best thing we can do for our mother is raise awareness about the injustices we are doing such as littering, consuming products that come from unsustainable businesses, and using single-use plastics; we can start making a shift in our actions by planting native flowers to support the life of pollinator species; finding an accountability buddy for the actions you want to change in your life; and so much more.

The single best way we can protect our mother is to try our best. Try to do better tomorrow than we have done in the past, with this mindset, we are sure to land somewhere far better than we are today.

Earth Day 2022

Are you sick of seeing the earth sick? If you're worried about the future of the planet, what you're feeling is called eco-anxiety. This Earth Day’s theme is “Remedy Together” and encourages Canadians to use this opportunity to take time for themselves by rallying around positive collective action for the planet. Declare a symbolic “sick day” this Earth Day and take part in positive activities for the planet, and for your mental health. Register today on

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