Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote London as a pollinator sanctuary and help provide everyone with the resources and knowledge to create their own garden. 

Our Goal

Our Goal is to help the community to recognize the
important role that pollinators play in our
long-term food security. 


Outside the glimmering lights of downtown London lies a hidden paradise for many sentient beings, which we often don't think about. A pollinator's pathway weaves through urban structures.
Therefore to help their journey, we bring that hidden paradise closer to home...  

The Pollinator Pathways Project Team

Alex Leonard
Communications Director

I am the communications director for Pollinator Pathways Project, primarily in charge of monitoring and scheduling content across all social media feeds where the organization is active, i.e. Facebook and Instagram. My other main responsibilities include updating the website through Wix, including managing comments and questions that come through as well publishing and editing blog posts. Lastly, I coordinate the newsletter and help oversee the donation drive with Micharity. I am passionate about helping environmental organizations and as a co-founder of P3, I believe that I can help create a change in our community in London.

Sylvia Sass
Student Liaison

Every year my family has grown a large garden. That has led me to loving nature and appreciating all pollinators. As student liaison I help with communication between high schools. I hope to get many high schools involved in P3 and will help in any way I can. At my high school the idea of a P3 garden has been welcomed and a ‘green group’ has been initiated in starting a P3 garden. Including youths in this project is important because it helps to raise more awareness about the importance of pollinators.

Jude Dieleman
Student Liaison

I have always been interested in nature and I have always been keen on protecting it.  I have done a fair bit of gardening in my time, and I currently have a wildlife pond as well as a family garden in our front yard.   In the summer of 2019, Gabor asked me if I would like to join the project, and I said that I would.  My job in the pollinator pathways project is to help get the younger generation involved as I am one of the youngest members of the project.  I also help by adding my voice into the project, and helping out where help is needed. 

Gabor Sass

As a big picture thinker I scan the horizon for new opportunities or challenges, new ideas, new people and organizations and new science that might arise with respect to the Pollinator Pathways Project. I am good at connecting these ‘dots’ so that our organizations can grow and strengthen its network, both social and ecological. I am interested in the scientific context of pollinator decline and what we can do about it in urban areas. My work as an environmentalist in my personal, community and professional life gives me new ideas and insight that inform the project. My deep connections to the environmental community in London also affords me to enlist new partners.

Brittany Cooke
Conservation Educator 

I became a member of the Pollinator Pathways Project while studying Environmental Science at Western University. My main role is promoting education about pollinator conservation through speeches, community events, and social media. I utilize my academic knowledge and combine it with current scientific research to provide the most accurate information possible. I am often found gardening in my spare time and always enjoy answering questions pertaining to native flowers. 

Lori Luscombe
Gardener Extraordinare

I am a plant lover and I try to give my input on what plants to use where. At the garden sites, I try to teach what plant goes where and how to plant them in the there right spot, showing how to care for each plant. I try to give my opinions on things we talk about at the meetings. I have written blog posts. Also, I try to answer the questions on our sites. Right now I am helping the gentlemen who asked for help with his gardens and he will be giving us a donation. I've also helped at shows like Seedy Saturday, where we may have met.












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